Trends in Multifamily Recruiting

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Trends in Multifamily Recruiting

Finding and hiring new employees for any job is a process. You have to screen each resume, each interview, individually — meaning it’s time-consuming as well. How can you get your hands on the right talent right off the bat? How can you pull from a larger pool and still be able to decide who… Read more »

Ways to Reject a Candidate

It can be difficult telling a candidate that they’re not the right fit for the position. It is an unfortunate part of the hiring process, but how you dismiss a candidate is very telling about your company. Your rejection practices can make or break your company’s reputation. If you’re not able to hire a candidate,… Read more »

3 Ways to Tell You Found the Perfect Candidate

Evaluating a candidate starts the minute they send in their resume. In a market with a shortage of eager, qualified talent, finding the perfect candidate for your open position is time sensitive. You don’t want another organization to snatch up your ideal match! While you can’t necessarily find your perfect candidate on a hunch, there… Read more »

Tips for Prospecting Passive Candidates

With the current job market, the perfect fit for your open position may not actively be seeking a new opportunity. This means that they’re a passive candidate. Recruiting agencies typically put candidates into two categories – active and passive. Active candidates have updated resumes and are actively looking for a new position. They may be… Read more »

Things Your Recruiting Agency Should Be Able to Answer

Finding the perfect recruiting agency for your business may seem challenging. With so many options on the market, going with the first one that you find might seem like the easiest choice. However, doing your research and asking the right questions will leave you with a more fulfilling and productive recruiting relationship at the end… Read more »

5 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

Many organizations get caught up in the hiring process and onboarding new employees, but don’t focus on the follow up after that candidate is an employee. After the hiring process is complete, organizations tend to forget about setting up proper infrastructure to ensure employees remain engaged and enthusiastic about their work. However, employee engagement is… Read more »

Employee Spotlight – Sally Knapp

With a BS in Political Science and a career in the employment industry, Sally Knapp has the background to research and support our staff in the back office. She is responsible for cleaning up our database, assisting our sourcers/recruiters and working on special projects. As a mother of four, Sally is very busy supporting her… Read more »

Employee Spotlight: Tricia Hitt

Tricia is an alumni of The University of South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!). She grew up in the recruiting world under her mother, which is how she fell into the business. Starting in college she became involved in the study of business psychology and used that to incorporate her relationships and ability to effectively recruit in… Read more »

Employee Spotlight: Tara Brown

Tara joined the MSB team approximately 3 years ago after working 15 years as a Human resource manager for a property management company in Washington DC. Tara loves working and creating relationships with both the client and the prospect employee. She maintains personal networks; participates in professional organizations and has a strong understanding of selection… Read more »

Employee Spotlight: Rochelle Reilly

Rochelle joined MSB in October of 2008, following a 20 year career in property management of directing operations, development and acquisitions of market rate and affordable portfolios throughout the country. Rochelle supports the MSB team with her optimistic outlook and loves using smiley faces as punctuation. Her greatest reward with MSB is knowing she has… Read more »