Acquire All the Talent

Working with MSB Resources will allow us to introduce you to successful, gainfully employed people who are confidentially and exclusively working with us. Many of these professionals are just waiting for us to present them with the right opportunity. In an industry this small, where in many regions everyone knows everyone, MSB Resources gives employees and employers the ability to look confidentially. Let us deliver the next great addition to your team. It’s what we do.

Our Process

MSB Resources approaches each assignment with a search process derived from years of experience in recruiting talent for the property management, construction, real estate and development industries.

Step 1: Define Goals and Specifications

Consult with client on company culture, state of business and corporate vision. Define the job specifications, such as title, scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting structure and profile of the ideal candidate.

Step 2: Identify and Evaluate Candidates

Identify candidates using our extensive database, nationwide network of contacts, and industry relationships and research. Then we screen, interview, and evaluate candidates to determine whether their backgrounds fit with the client’s needs and culture. Prepare briefs for clients that highlight how a candidate is a match for their needs and send resumes for client review.

Step 3: interviews

Create an interview plan, oversee scheduling and coordination, and most importantly manage what can be a challenging process to ensure that when both a candidate and client are excited about each other, we are all in the best position to ensure the hire can happen.

Step 4: Candidate Selection

Consult with the client to determine who the final candidate is and how to give the best chance of success of that candidate accepting an offer. We use our expertise and relationships with candidates to reduce the risk of turned down or rescinded offers and actively work with our clients to make the offer process successful and smooth. We stay in contact with the client and candidate throughout the transition until the first day.

Step 5: Success

Once a candidate starts, we confirm that the new hire is doing well and help to ensure their success by checking in regularly with both the client and candidate throughout the first year. We maintain a relationship with the client to follow the new hire’s progress. And while we continue to touch base periodically with candidates that we place, we never recruit a candidate from the company where we placed that candidate.

Our Commitment

An overhead view of a man and woman sitting at a desk, shaking hands

MSB Resources takes extreme care to ensure that our clients can hire the best candidates possible when they need them. We strive to always have a network of top talent in the industry and to develop relationships so they pick up the phone when we call. Ask any of our recruitment consultants for details. Let us know if you have any questions about our hiring and application process.