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How to Create a Solid Resume

With what seems like the worst of the pandemic behind us, it might be time to start sprucing up your resume if you either suffered a job loss or are ready to jump into a new career. The resume helps tell your story of why you’ll be a good fit for your next position. It’s a place that you can showcase your experience and start to sell a potential employer on your expertise. While there are lots of resume tips out there, here are a few timeless ones that are sure to set you up for success.


How To Prepare for a Remote Interview

In today’s hiring world, we’re navigating a lot more remote interviews than ever before. Even those that will need to be on-site are being hired through remote processes to keep everyone healthy during the current pandemic. But how should you prepare yourself for a remote interview? Here are some helpful tips to nail it and secure your next dream job.


10 Habits of a Good Property Manager

What makes a great community even better? A good property manager. Not everyone has the skillset for the job and finding a candidate who will excel in the role is crucial to your property’s success. Residents want to know they have someone they can call when they need to and an excellent property manager knows how to build those relationships. Here are 10 habits that a good property manager exhibits:


Reasons You Should Hire Millennials

The younger generation is desperately seeking work but many companies shy away from hiring millennials in large numbers. Why? There are a variety of reasons that millennials can be the majority of your workforce and benefit your company. Nearly 7 million young people with educations do not currently hold a job. Your company can harness their enthusiasm and desire to gain experience by giving them a shot at a fulfilling career. Here are some excellent reasons that you should be hiring millennials. (more…)

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What Property Management Can Learn From a Pandemic

Everyone in the industry is still reeling from the global Coronavirus pandemic, but we encourage you to take some time to reflect on what the property management industry can learn from this pandemic. All industries have been effected differently and are adapting to their “new normal”. Multifamily has found itself adapting to the record setting unemployment rate and residents simply not having enough to make ends meet still now some 9+ months after the outbreak. How has your property navigated these trying times and what can you continue to work on even as we move out of the pandemic? Simply taking it back to the basics of good property management has been the tried and true method for many. Here are some of the ways property management has found success in weathering the storms during these unprecedented times.


How Social Media Presence Impacts Candidate Hiring

When presenting yourself as a candidate for a new job, you want to make sure you put your best foot forward. You dress for the part, prepare yourself for the interview, and practice what you’ll say to show that you deserve the position. One thing you might not think of is how your potential employer will vet you after the interview is over. In today’s technological age, they’re going to be doing more than just calling the provided references. They’ll Google you and what comes up may be the deciding factor on if you’re selected for the job or not.


Top 5 Mistakes a Property Manger Could Make

Property management requires a unique employee. Property managers must be personable, organized, detail-oriented, and problem-solving. Even the perfect property manager can make mistakes throughout the course of their career. The mistakes a property manager could make may seem small but they can add up. Property managers must play many roles in their position, all of which involve keeping residents satisfied with their homes in some way or another. Here are the top five mistakes a property manager could make and what to ensure your managers are trained to avoid.


Red Flags Employers Should Look for in Interviews

You can learn a lot about a potential employee during the interview process. Interviews offer an opportunity for a candidate to show who they truly are including positive attributes or even red flags for employers. Determining if a potential employee will be a good fit for the position and your company starts with the interview process. The information you obtain from meeting face to face is critical in making any hiring decision. Here are some warning signs to look for during the interview process when it comes to a potential employee.


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How to Begin the Job Search

You may finally be trying to reenter the workforce after having had closure on an outstanding furlough or layoff situation due to COVID-19. Navigating a job search after years of employment may be challenging. If you haven’t had to look for work in quite some time you may feel overwhelmed at how you’ll land a new role. Finding a new job doesn’t have to feel scary. It can be viewed as a wonderful opportunity to start anew and finally pursue your passions or simply pivot into a new career full of excitement and new beginnings. Here are some tips to help you in your new job search.

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How to Properly Reject a Job Candidate

It’s important in the hiring process to keep your options open. Consider each candidate fairly; assess them based on their skills, goals, and attitude for the job. During these unprecedented times with unemployment rates soaring – there is going to be a spike in available and potential job candidates, but it’s going to be your job to navigate this new saturated pool of workers to find the ideal employee. You’ll come across a lot of great talent, but chances are you’ll also come across many candidates that just aren’t right for the position. Learning how to reject a job candidate properly and professionally can go far in preserving the image of your company and can even invite candidates to reapply for positions more suited to them. There are a few intricacies of rejecting a job candidate properly, so be sure to read ahead.