With the current job market, the perfect fit for your open position may not actively be seeking a new opportunity. This means that they’re a passive candidate. Recruiting agencies typically put candidates into two categories – active and passive. Active candidates have updated resumes and are actively looking for a new position. They may be unemployed or just unsatisfied in their current role. Passive candidates aren’t particularly looking for a new job but could be persuaded should the right opportunity arise. However, recruiting passive candidates can be a little bit more challenging than those active people who are seeking your position. Here are some tips for reaching those who may not be reaching out to you.

Know Your Need

The first step in recruiting passive candidates is to figure out exactly what you’re looking for. One thing you can do is to begin by creating a job profile of the position you’re trying to fill. From there you can drill down exactly what kind of professional you’ll need to fill it. Determining what exactly qualities you’re looking for will allow you to target the right people instead of casting too wide of a net.

Focus on Great Companies

Great companies have great talent, so be sure to research the best companies in your industry to find someone that could fill your open position. Reviewing a company’s LinkedIn page can steer you in the direction of those who are still currently employed there or former employees of the company. Getting conversations started with those in the types of roles your recruiting for could pay off with an ideal match!

Look Beyond LinkedIn

Everyone knows that one of the easiest places to find passive candidates is on LinkedIn. However, in order to be as thorough as possible, you’ll need to look beyond this social media platform alone. There are myriad other avenues where you can find potential employees. Try looking at the following:

  • Professional organizations – Communities focused on people in your industry can be a great place to find spectacular candidates.
  • Job board databases – While you can post your open position on job boards, most of them also have collections of resumes. Look through these resumes to see if anyone, whether active or passive, fits the bill.
  • Networking events – Industry conferences and events can be excellent places to find prospects.


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