Most Important Soft Skills for Maintenance Managers

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Most Important Soft Skills for Maintenance Managers

Learn the Most Important Soft Skills for Maintenance Managers

When your property management firm is looking to hire its next maintenance manager, experience is essential. Basic repair knowledge, tool and equipment expertise and an understanding of preventative measures needed to avoid emergencies are just a few of the many hard skills a potential maintenance manager must meet in order to qualify for consideration.  Although… Read more »

Using Social Media to Communicate with Residents

A smartphone showing the menu screen to access all of the social media page applications

In its earliest days of its development, social media seemed like a communication and promotional tool geared toward students and nonprofessional industries. Now, everyone is using social media to market and communicate with audiences of all demographics. Large and local businesses use their social media accounts to promote their various products and services. Individuals use… Read more »

Retaining and Hiring in a Difficult Job Market

Close up photo of two hands holding wooden blocks that read "property" and "management"

The current job market is posing a real dilemma for companies. First, there‚Äôs a wealth of available positions across many industries. This is causing many professionals to leave their long-standing jobs in favor of new positions or career paths. The other challenge for companies is that there are more open positions than job seekers. This… Read more »

What to Leave Off Of Your Resume

A picture of a laptop computer with a resume printed out

Applying for a new job can be a very intimidating experience for many candidates. Each applicant is vying with numerous candidates for one particular position. To rise above the many applicants and land on that interview shortlist, a job seeker needs to present a first-rate resume.  While there are many guides, articles and reference materials… Read more »

How to Dress and Prepare for Summer Interviews

Candidate appropriately dressed and prepared for a summer interview

Landing a job interview is a major achievement that delivers equal feelings of excitement and nervousness. Prospective employees want to make a great impression in action and appearance during that big event. Yet, presenting a professional appearance during an interview in the height of summer is often a daunting task.  If your next interview lands… Read more »

Benefits of Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee taking an engagement survey on a laptop computer

In order for any company to succeed, its employees have to be productive and engaged. Keeping employees happy is not always easy, and definitely not straightforward. There’s no real instruction manual for how to keep everyone in the workplace happy, but there are ways to check-in with how everyone is feeling. In order to effectively… Read more »

Tips To Be A Confident Job Seeker

Confident Job Candidate Being Interviewed by Two HR Professionals

In the past year there has been a significant increase in the number of people looking for new jobs. Many experienced job loss due to the economic effects of the global pandemic while others were seeking new opportunities for a variety of reasons ranging from recent graduates looking to begin their careers to professionals considering… Read more »

Benefits of Returning to the Office & What It Will Take

a lady sitting at her office desk wearing a mask while using her laptop

More than a year has gone by since the world officially shut down, and if this pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that we adapt. We keep moving forward. We adopt a new normal. For many people, working from home became the norm, and after a year of setting new routines and getting into new… Read more »

How to Create a Solid Resume

Women in frotn of man holding a resume

With what seems like the worst of the pandemic behind us, it might be time to start sprucing up your resume if you either suffered a job loss or are ready to jump into a new career. The resume helps tell your story of why you’ll be a good fit for your next position. It’s… Read more »

How To Prepare for a Remote Interview

In today’s hiring world, we’re navigating a lot more remote interviews than ever before. Even those that will need to be on-site are being hired through remote processes to keep everyone healthy during the current pandemic. But how should you prepare yourself for a remote interview? Here are some helpful tips to nail it and… Read more »