Employee taking an engagement survey on a laptop computer

In order for any company to succeed, its employees have to be productive and engaged. Keeping employees happy is not always easy, and definitely not straightforward. There’s no real instruction manual for how to keep everyone in the workplace happy, but there are ways to check-in with how everyone is feeling. In order to effectively develop employee skills and utilize employee talents, getting an accurate measurement of how each person sees themselves within the organization is essential. It’s not always comfortable, but if you use Employee Engagement Surveys, you’ll be in a good position to foster positive change and growth. Here are four benefits of Employee Engagement Surveys.

A Benchmark for Growth

Growth is not just about sales. Employees, as well as leaders, need feedback to keep growing and innovating. Employee engagement surveys start conversations. Based on the feedback you receive, you’ll not only know who, what, and where you need to invest in development,you’ll also know what additional questions to ask next time you survey your employees. When leaders ask  questions that provoke thought and create genuine interest, trust is built among employees. When people have trust in their employer, professional and personal growth is inevitable.

Provides a Voice to Employees 

Employees need to recognize that their voice matters. Surveys provide employees with a professional outlet to express their feelings and/or share their concerns without the pressure of having to do so in a face-to-face setting. In-person feedback is also great, but more difficult to do regularly in larger companies. When employees have a voice, morale increases. Happy employees are more productive and less likely to resign. 

Opportunities to Be Proactive

It’s easier to pull something out of a well when it’s only a few feet down the hole. If you can see it, then you can figure out the best way to retrieve it. The same goes for the workplace. If workplace issues arise, it’s best to address them early and find a solution before the issues multiply. Employee engagement surveys can provide opportunities to identify and address issues before they intensify. 

A More Objective View 

Even if your day-to-day work makes it difficult to feel really connected to the people dealing with your main operations, that doesn’t mean you have an objective vantage point. You’re still in the thick of it, and if anything, limited contact can make you feel (and seem) even more out of touch. Engaging with employees through surveys means you can actually see, and even tabulate, lots of information. You see how things look and feel from the points of view of many different people. 

No matter the size of your company, utilizing Employee Engagement Surveys is a great way to start a conversation with everyone in your organization.