Candidate appropriately dressed and prepared for a summer interview

Landing a job interview is a major achievement that delivers equal feelings of excitement and nervousness. Prospective employees want to make a great impression in action and appearance during that big event. Yet, presenting a professional appearance during an interview in the height of summer is often a daunting task. 

If your next interview lands in the dog days of summer, don’t worry. If you follow the tips below, you’ll show up looking cool, calm and confident at your summer interview. 

Suit Your Summertime Needs 

Although it’s blazing hot outside you still have to remember that you’re attending a job interview and not a lunch date with friends. That sleeveless blouse may be cool and comfortable but it’s also a bit too casual for the occasion. You need something more refined. A classic cotton suit and tie seems like a great idea, wait until the heat hits – and the sweating and wrinkles begin. So if casual and classic styles are out, what does that leave? Classic style with a twist. 

Suits are still the best option for interviews. However, most traditional styles and fabrics won’t work for summer. Instead, choose an unlined suit made of a breathable fabric blend that includes a synthetic component so it drapes well and doesn’t easily wrinkle. Avoid light colors and shades as they don’t hide appearance-impairing sweat. A comfortable sleeved blouse or long sleeve shirt with or without a tie finishes the look. 

Put Your Best Footwear Forward 

Summertime is sandal time – except during business hours. It doesn’t matter how professional they look or how expensive they are, sandals at the workplace – especially during an interview – are not a good look. 

Instead of sandals consider these choices instead: Classic closed-toe heels or flats; Sensible loafers or Oxfords. Men should always wear mid-calf dress socks and not ankle-length or “no-show” socks. While pantyhose are too hot for summer attire, women should leave enough room in their shoes to accomodate a light liner to prevent slipping. 

Take the Coolest Route 

In addition to dressing appropriately, you should also carefully consider your travel arrangements to any summertime job interviews. There’s no point putting together the perfect look only to arrive overheated and disheveled. 

Driving a vehicle with a functioning air conditioner is always preferable – but it’s not an option for everyone. Instead of taking public transportation (which can be crowded and hot during the summer), consider a taxi or a ride-hailing service. Choosing these forms of transportation ensure that you’ll arrive refreshed. 

Avoid the Rush

Arriving at an interview mere minutes before it’s scheduled is a sure-fire way to appear hot, flustered and unkempt. Plan on arriving at the interview site a few minutes early to cool down and get in the proper mindset for the interview. Stop by the restroom to freshen up, brush or comb your hair, blot any perspiration from your face, add a touch of makeup, and give your suit a quick once-over with a lint brush. Take along a cold bottle of water along with you to help cool down. Or, if there’s a nearby cafe, stop by for a refreshing drink of iced tea and a moment of quiet contemplation. 

By following these helpful tips, dressing and preparing for interviews during the balmy days of summer is a breeze!