In today’s hiring world, we’re navigating a lot more remote interviews than ever before. Even those that will need to be on-site are being hired through remote processes to keep everyone healthy during the current pandemic. But how should you prepare yourself for a remote interview? Here are some helpful tips to nail it and secure your next dream job.

Choose Your Spot

No one wants to see unwashed dishes and clutter in the background during a remote interview. Make sure that you have a dedicated spot with an appropriate background before your call begins. Make sure you don’t have the camera pointed on strange decor or a messy space. Even if you just have a blank wall behind you, that’s better than something that will distract your interviewer. If you have a dedicated office space, even better! Do a test to see how you and your background will look before you go live.

Test Your Equipment

Speaking of testing, make sure your equipment works. Some programs are fickle with specific hardware and ensuring that your interviewer will be able to clearly hear and see you is crucial. Make sure you know what program they’ll be using so you can do a test run with the equipment you’ll be using before your interview.

Dress for Success

Just because you’ll be at home for your interview doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look like you’ll be meeting your potential employer face to face. You should be just as put together as you would be for an in-person interview. Make sure you’re dressed in a clean and professional outfit from head to toe. We know it’s tempting to be business on the top and casual on the bottom, but don’t risk it. And you’ll feel more confident if you’ve dressed for success!


Do the same prep you’d do for an in-person interview. Research the company, jot down notes about the position and how you’d help the company grown if you were hired. Make a list of engaging questions to ask your interviewers. Show them that you understand the position and their company’s overall goals. Highlight how you’d be a perfect match for this employer and note your previous experience. Remember to remain engaged and interested throughout the interview.

Make Eye Contact

Body language might be one of the most overlooked parts of any interview and even though you’ll be dialing in instead of sitting in front of your interviewer, you need to exude confidence and engagement. One way we do that is by making eye contact. Figure out how you can make eye contact with your interviewer through the camera. Sit up tall and be aware of your body language. Don’t set yourself up on a couch where you can slump down into it. You want to project confidence and doing so through a camera is even more challenging.

With the way things are, remote interviewing might be here to stay for some time or may permanently become a part of the hiring process. Understanding how to nail the remote interview will be critical to advancing your career in the years to come! If you’re looking for your next perfect position, contact MSB Resources to see what we have.