What makes a great community even better? A good property manager. Not everyone has the skillset for the job and finding a candidate who will excel in the role is crucial to your property’s success. Residents want to know they have someone they can call when they need to and an excellent property manager knows how to build those relationships. Here are 10 habits that a good property manager exhibits:

1. Communication

Communication skills are a must when it comes to property management. Not only does a manager have to be comfortable speaking to potential and existing residents, they must also be able to communicate with vendors and more.

2. Continuing Education

A good property manager stays up to date on industry standards and never stops learning. Continuing to learn about the industry including updates to rules and regulations, rent pricing, and trends in real estate sets great property managers apart from the average ones.

3. Get It Done

A get-it-done attitude is important for any property manager. Residents want to know their requests are being taken seriously and handled efficiently. Procrastination doesn’t really fly when it comes to property management.

4. People Skills

As property managers interact with a myriad of personalities, they need to have solid people skills.

5. Positivity

A positive attitude is an excellent attribute for most positions but it’s especially important for good property managers. There are less than glamorous parts of the job but a positive attitude can make those a bit more bearable for all involved.

6. Organization

In property management, there’s a lot of paperwork to deal with and typically it comes with very specific deadlines. Staying organized is crucial. A good property manager will have excellent organizational skills and great attention to detail.

7. Vision

The industry changes frequently and property managers need to be forward-thinking. How will property management look in 10 years? Automation is changing how people seek out housing and having the vision to help your property succeed and grow is key. A property manager with a growth strategy can be invaluable.

8. Engaging

Is your property manager engaging with your residents? When it comes to property management, taking care of business is the bare minimum. Engaging with residents to foster a welcoming community can put your property ahead of the competition and at the helm is a good property manager. They take the time to remember residents and get to know them instead of just ensuring their rent is paid and their maintenance requests are handled.

9. Time Management

A day in the life of a property manager changes all the time. To be successful in the field, they must have excellent time management because it’s likely that they’ll be pulled in several directions at once! Knowing how to prioritize and accomplish tasks with efficiency is key.

10. Dependability

A good property manager is dependable and there when residents need them most. Whether it’s a 2 a.m. water main break or simply returning a phone call, your property manager is the public face of your property, so being there and being reliable is important.

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