The younger generation is desperately seeking work but many companies shy away from hiring millennials in large numbers. Why? There are a variety of reasons that millennials can be the majority of your workforce and benefit your company. Nearly 7 million young people with educations do not currently hold a job. Your company can harness their enthusiasm and desire to gain experience by giving them a shot at a fulfilling career. Here are some excellent reasons that you should be hiring millennials.


Less Experience

While less experience might not sound like a benefit initially, it is! The less time an employee has spent at another company learning bad habits is more time you have to mold them to fit your operation. Millennials that haven’t been in the workforce very long are less likely to have built bad work habits. You can teach them how you’d like them to excel in your company instead of spending time retraining them from previous experiences.


Fresh Ideas

Millennials are more likely to offer new perspectives on old concepts and fresh ideas for how you do business. If you’re looking to attract younger customers, it can be very beneficial to hire younger employees. Also, a younger generation offers a new way of thinking which relates to customers their own age. Millennials can also help to come up with new marketing strategies and ideas that target and appeal to their own age group.



More seasoned employees expect more senior compensation. When hiring millennials, you’re trading experience for a more cost-effective hire. Since they likely don’t have a lot of experience, their compensation will match that. We’re not saying that you should shortchange any employee, but when compensation is tied to experience, you’ll likely be looking at a lower salary if you hire a millennial employee.


Room to Grow

Since you’ll have the ability to train millennials in your specific business practices, there’s lots of room for them to grow in the company which can be beneficial to you both. A focused training program can help your millennial employees succeed quickly and begin to move up the ranks in your organization which allows them to earn more and gives you experienced staff!

There’s been much talk of why hiring millennials is less than desirable. But this new generation of workers can help push your business into a new era. Not only are their ideas new and refreshing, but they’re also shaping business culture and expectations as they go. If you’re looking for your next great hire, we can help! Confidentiality is paramount and we recruit nationally, so contact us today to get your search started.