Data is king in nearly every industry in the business world including recruiting. So, it only makes sense that using data to determine the perfect fit for an open position is one of the hot new trends among recruiting and HR professionals. While people analytics is still a relatively new concept in the field, it certainly makes sense from a recruiting and HR perspective. Using employee data in relation to business outcomes can provide valuable insights that can help you make more informed decisions about hiring and the type of candidate that fits within your organization. Many people don’t realize that they can harness the power of the data they already have for these insights.

The first step in navigating people analytics is to use the data that’s already available to you. Examine the data you have on your current employees, like demographic information, length of service, and prior experience, as well as performance data including punctuality and disciplinary actions. You might even have personality or ability information from when the employee was recruited. All of this information can be useful in profiling the type of candidate that be suits your organization.

The next step is to analyze this data to find commonalities among top performers in your organization. As an example, you may find that the people at the top of your sales team are consultative, supportive, and empathetic. Understanding desirable characteristics of your own top employees can aid you in creating a profile of success. You can then recruit and/or develop people toward this profile.

Of course, recruiting the perfect candidate is more than analyzing data. You have to be confident in your research and analytics before taking action when it comes to this sort of insight. However, as big data continues to be used in everything from targeting an ad online to predicting consumer buying patterns, your organization will need to integrate this sort of analysis into its recruiting procedure.

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