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Screening job applications can seem like a huge task, especially with so many screening assessments available for hiring professionals. What should you be screening for, and how many assessment tools should you use? You know that your perfect candidate is somewhere in the mass of applications, so using these tools and resources can help you narrow down your search to find the right one. Here are some things to screen for when looking to hire a new employee for your position.

Establish Position Requirements

First and most importantly, you want to make sure each applicant is qualified for the job. Do they have the right experience for the position? What skills do they have that will lend themselves to your open position? What skills have they yet to learn to be proficient at the job, and will they be able to learn quickly? Determine the required skills and knowledge level needed before you start weeding out candidates and base your decisions on hard information rather than a gut feeling.

Going hand in hand with the last point, conduct a job analysis on the job you’re trying to fill so that you know exactly what it takes to be good at that job. This can be time-consuming, but it reveals important information for finding the right candidate. Consider interviewing or surveying existing employees and supervisors to get an idea of what it takes to fulfill the needs of the position. This can help inform your decision on finding the perfect fit for your open position, as you’ll need to look for someone who has the same (or nearly the same) qualifications as those doing the job currently.


Narrow Down Candidates

Now that you know what it takes to fill the position, start screening your applicants for things like education level or certifications. Some positions may require a skill assessment, which is easiest to deliver after you’ve gone through all the applications that you know wouldn’t be a good fit for the position. These can be included in some of the screening assessments we discussed earlier, so be sure that the assessment that you pick matches the skill set needed to fill the job position appropriately.

We know that finding the perfect candidate in a sea of applications can seem overwhelming. Starting your search by looking for applicants who fulfill the necessary job requirements such as skills, aptitudes, and previous education can help you on the road to finding the best fit for the job.