Finding qualified talent can be tough no matter what your company’s industry. With historically low unemployment rates, searching for the perfect fit for your open position can seem never-ending. But recruiting in the multifamily industry has its own unique challenges. Searching for the right candidate to fill a multifamily position means that you must know how that industry works and its differentiating attributes. Here are some reasons why multifamily recruiting is different than other industries.

  1. The multifamily industry is small so that means that everyone knows everyone. Because the size of the industry makes everyone so intertwined, it becomes harder to find the perfect person for your open position.
  2. Within the multifamily industry, there are specific laws and certifications required by many companies due to the nature of the work. Certain states have many laws and the right multifamily recruiter, like MSB Resources, are thoroughly knowledgeable in these rules and regulations making it easier to fill an open position.
  3. Engaging a trusted recruiter that knows the industry can be the difference between a perfect hire and one that will turnover quickly. Unemployment in property management specifically is at an all-time low – virtually 0% – which means companies are struggling to find good talent. When people are contently employed, they typically aren’t actively searching for new opportunities. However, a talented multifamily recruiter, like MSB Resources, can work directly with passive candidates who are not actively seeking new employment to find you the best fit even in a tough market.


MSB Resources is an expert in property management and multifamily recruiting. We work with you to find the perfect candidate for your open position and are committed to confidentiality and quality. We know the property management and multifamily industry is specialized and that you need a knowledgeable partner that you can trust. That’s what we strive for the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and trust. We stand behind our candidates. If you’d like to learn more about our services, contact us today.