The job market can be tough, so crafting a killer resume is crucial in setting yourself apart from the crowd. It’s the first thing potential employers look at and the first thing you get judged on. Getting your resume right can make all the difference between a call for an interview or the bottom of a trash can. Here are four tips for a killer resume that will put you even closer to that dream job.

Simplicity is Key

Keeping a resume simple is key. Recruiters want clear and simple resumes because they’re poring over potentially hundreds of documents and figuring out where crucial information is on a funky resume wastes time. In fact, if your resume is difficult to digest, many recruiters won’t even take the time to scan it. Keep your design simple and your font clean and easy to read. Don’t try and make your design “stand out” with logos or funky fonts. It may very well stand out but for the wrong reasons.

Easy Reader

While you may want to craft your resume in a way that showcases your grasp of vocabulary, recruiters want to something that’s easy to read. Because they’re processing so many applications, every second counts. Make your resume clear and easy to follow. Break up sections into easily digestible pieces where potential employers can find the information they’re looking for quickly. Use bold font to highlight titles that you’ve held as well.

Be Succinct but Informative

The adage is that resumes should be no longer than a page. While this is true for those newer to the job market, two pages is completely acceptable for those who have been in the work force longer. However, use the space you have wisely. Never include jobs that aren’t really relevant to the position you’re applying for. As an example, if you’re applying to be the director of activities at an apartment community, listing that you worked at a fast food place 10 years ago doesn’t make sense. Include relevant job experiences and be succinct in the information you provide. Use bulleted lists and clear sentences to explain how the work you did previously has provided experience for the job you’re currently applying for.

Be Honest

This really goes without saying but be honest in your resume. Even the slightest bit of embellishment can be fact-checked and remove your chances of getting that dream job. However, using your past work experience to highlight how you’ll be a great fit for the position you’re applying for is a great idea! Even unconventional experiences can show how you’ll handle the responsibilities of a new position – but don’t lie.

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