When it comes to hiring, finding the most qualified candidate for the position is a given. But hiring quality leadership is a different search and evaluation process. Hiring a good leader can make or break the rest of your organization in that quality leadership either enriches or discourages those that they manage. No matter what the industry, be it multifamily or anything in between, hiring quality leadership is key to the success of your organization. There are some standard traits that great leaders possess and figuring out how to allow those to shine during the recruitment process can make all the difference. Here are some things to look for when you’re in search of quality leadership for your organization.

Communication. Communication is key to the success of any employee but even more so when it comes to a leader. Great leaders communicate effectively, promptly, and with confidence. Leaders should make sure that everyone feels included and involved in their own career, and great communication fosters that connection to one’s vision and the greater goal of the organization. Leaders must be able to thoughtfully and efficiently communicate plans, procedures, announcements, and anything that may impact employees of the organization.

Vision. Great leaders have vision, not only when it comes to where they see themselves in their career but where they see the organization in its success. Quality leadership means being able to see changes on the horizon and prepare their employees to succeed during these transitions. Innovation is a constant in any business and great leaders are prepared to change and manage expectations throughout the process.

Decisiveness. Leaders need to be able to make decisions based on what’s best for the organization and for its employees. These decisions don’t always have to be right, but when you’re looking for quality leadership you want someone who is confident and thoughtful in their decision making. Good leaders have a solid reasoning behind their decision and can back it up if the outcome comes into question. Being wishy-washy in a leadership position can create chaos and make employees lose trust and respect for that leader. Confidence and decisiveness builds trust.

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