An engaging and effective job posting can entice the perfect candidate to reach out to apply. But not all job postings are created equal. There are some ways that you can tailor your job posting to the exact type of candidate you’re searching for. Just as your potential candidate will put their best foot forward, you need to do so as well when posting your open position. A dull and uninteresting post won’t attract the best talent. Here are some tips for creating an engaging job post.

1. Eye-catching title. Just like headlines matter when it comes to a news story, your job posting’s title needs to pique the interest of quality candidates. You want your posting title to set you apart from the competition, but also still remain professional. No need to get too crazy when crafting your title, but make sure it isn’t something standard like “Property Manager Needed” if you’re looking for all-star talent.

2. Balance. Your job posting should have enough information in it so that the candidate knows what they’re applying for, but not so long that they lose interest. Balancing your details with being succinct is crucial to an engaging job posting. You should set a character limit so that you’re forced to write in an effective, yet interesting manner. The recommended length of a job posting is between 400-800 words, which gives you a lot of opportunity to be engaging to the right candidates. Remember to be specific about the position.

3. Be truthful. Yes, a job posting is an ad and with any advertisement you want to promote your organization in the best light. But, one thing to keep in mind is to always be truthful. Don’t exaggerate any details. Feel free to stay positive in your tone and facts, but don’t go overboard with embellishments. Qualified talent may apply, but the second they discover the truth, you’ll lose them.

4. Speak to the applicant. Don’t make your job posting read like an instruction manual. Talk to the person you’re trying to hire. Using phrases like “the successful candidate will” instead of “in this role you will” can turn off even the most qualified applicant and make them question if they’re the right fit. Just like when buying a home, people want to see their talents in the role instead of questioning whether they’ll fit.

Keeping these things in mind when you’re crafting your job posting can be the difference between the best and the rest. Happy hunting!