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Employee engagement is an important part of business because it affects how well an employee works from day to day. Low employee engagement can hurt your business’s bottom line by costing you time and money. What many bosses don’t consider is that employee engagement starts even before a new hire’s first day on the job. Keeping their enthusiasm high before they step in the door can be a challenge depending on a number of factors such as the notice period, but successfully keeping an employee excited for their new job can reap many benefits down the line.

To ensure your new hires stay motivated, interested, and informed about their new workplace, try some of these simple yet effective methods to keep your employees engaged before their first day.


Have the CEO write them a personalized welcome message.

The CEO plays an important role in employee engagement. Leaders are our representatives of the company, meaning that if the employee gets to know what the CEO is like, they’ll understand the company that much better. Employees want to work for companies with good culture and work ethics, and by feeling like an appreciated part of the team right off the bat, they’ll feel more inclined to embody these ethics.


Engage new recruits on social media.

Start inviting them to your social networks and engage them in conversation about the job after they hand in their notice. This is a quick and simple way to keep your new hire in the know about goings-on in the company and with their new peers.


Invite employees to your Slack channel or email groups.

This can help them get to know their teammates before they get started, help them to understand what your company culture is like, and even see how your team interacts to solve problems and go about their daily tasks.


Assemble a pre-boarding plan.

Letting an employee know how they will be spending their first day or days in your workplace can help them stay focused and even get rid of some of the new job jitters. Consider creating a welcome pack for them to let them know you’re thinking of them before their start date, as well as shedding some light on their new roles and tasks in your company. Some things to include would be the contact information of the person they’ll be working closely with so that they can ask any questions they have, as well as an employee handbook and a copy of any business newsletters your company might have.


Employee engagement starts as soon as a new hire accepts the job offer. This is a critical time to catch an employee’s attention about your business, as they’re probably already excited about the prospect of a new job. This engagement can kick start their life at your company and can leave a huge, lasting impression on them through the duration of their employment. Ensuring that your new hire stays motivated before their first day can help shape their daily life in your company, so make an effort to create a good first impression!