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Property management is becoming more and more nuanced as technology evolves and the property management landscape shifts. In order to navigate this ever-changing industry, modern property managers need to have certain competencies and skills that will allow them to push their company into the future successfully. 

What Competencies Should a Property Manager Have? 

Experienced property managers must be able to not only handle residents and all resident-facing issues but also navigate the industry as it evolves, as well as explore new trends and emerging technologies. Here are some of the skills necessary for successful property managers. 

Communication skills. Communication has always ranked high on the list of competencies that property managers need, and that won’t change in the years to come. Strong communication skills will help property managers quickly address and solve resident and property issues, market and explain processes to new residents, and keep other members of the property management team connected and efficient. 

Technology skills. Technology skills are another core competency that property managers should keep sharp. As the internet, softwares, and social media evolve, being tech-savvy will ensure that property managers stay caught up to the curve and continue to push their properties forward into the future. Knowing how to best utilize technology is not only critical for marketing and attracting new residents, but also for maximizing in-office processes like company and resident communication, invoices, and finances. Further, as emerging technologies make their way into homes in the form of appliances and other features, property managers should know how to operate and troubleshoot them, as well as make minor repairs. 

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Marketing skills. Attracting new residents is a huge facet of property management, which is why marketing is one of the most important competencies that a property manager can have. Senior leadership should know how to advertise available units, draw in new residents, and more. Marketing skills to hone include video production, social media marketing, email marketing, and utilizing third-party websites to list property availability. 

An understanding of basic building maintenance. Knowing the basics of how buildings work and what maintenance and repairs are needed to keep them in the best shape is critical for a property manager, especially as new technology is woven into units. This skill will allow property managers to quickly react and help residents, prioritize maintenance and repair schedules, and keep units up to date in terms of features. 

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It takes work to stay up-to-date in the world of property management, but it’s critical for success. Property managers should take steps for ongoing education and skill development including: 

  • Network. Whether it’s in person or online in various communities and forums, networking is a critical way to stay on top of industry trends, as well as market properties to future prospects.
  • Attend conferences and seminars. Conferences and seminars are an excellent way to learn about emerging technologies in the field of property management, as well as network with other professionals in the industry. 
  • Invest in continuing education. Property managers can take online or in-person courses in aspects like marketing and finance to sharpen their competencies and apply new skills to their company and properties. 

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