Anyone can tell you that one of the most important aspects of a business is having the right employees. Hiring and retaining top talent can be tough; usually, top employees know that they are performing well, and could be looking for other work opportunities where they feel more appreciated. Start off on the right foot with your new employees by ushering them in properly; we’ve compiled some top tips on how to on-board new candidates the best way possible.


Communicate Properly

Every good relationship is built on good communication, and that goes for work relationships as well. Engaging your employees and new hires requires meeting with them one-on-one at regular intervals. Your employees should also be able to get a hold of you quickly if they have any questions or concerns about their work.


Express Appreciation

Tell your new recruits that you are on-boarding why you chose them and let them know you already appreciate the work they’ve done to get here. As they train and continue with the company, tell them what they’re doing well. Be sincere; the more specific, the better. If an employee doesn’t feel like they’re being appreciated, they’ll find it somewhere else.


Allow & Support Creative Freedom

Every employee is capable of coming up with ideas that can further the company. People naturally want to explore new ideas, create their own working style, and experiment. It’s okay to keep your employees on track but allow them to have some control over how they work. In this way, they will develop the confidence it takes to move forward.


Set Good Examples for Employees

When in an unfamiliar atmosphere, your new employees will most likely take cues from their peers and their higher-ups. Great bosses aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, so if your new recruit needs help, show them you will be there to guide them. Be sure you’re staying positive and supportive, and your recruit will likely follow your lead.

Knowing how to properly on-board new employees is as easy as being respectful, communicative, and of course, showing them the ropes to do what is required of them. The first couple of days at a company can make or break how a new recruit feels about their work, so be sure that you’re setting them up for success the minute they walk in the door. The happier an employee feels at a job, the more likely they are to stay, which means you get to hold onto the top talent and take your company to the next level!