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Your online reputation is everything in the new digital age and remote world we find ourselves in these days. Bad reviews can circulate the internet in no time, causing all sorts of PR issues, and eventually a drop in leases at your property. Online reputation management can be a big task, but it’s crucial if you want to stay in the game. Keeping in communication with your residents and applicants online goes a long way in building trust and reputation – and will help keep your business relevant in the digital age.

Manage Online Reviews

More than half of people today will look up reviews of properties that they’re interested in leasing from. Renting an apartment is a huge financial commitment and it can take up a large chunk of time, so residents want to make sure they’re going to be living in a place they’re happy with. Reading the experiences of other residents will inform their decision whether or not to live at your property. It’s important that you keep an eye on reviews for your property on social media, Google, and other review websites to make sure you know what’s being said about your community online.


Stay Accessible from Multiple Online Outlets

Making yourself accessible online is important as well. If a potential applicant has a question or concern about your property, make sure that they have a way of contacting you efficiently. They will likely be expecting a fast response, so be sure that you check all platforms regularly as well. Quick and precise communication goes a long way for your online reputation management; you wouldn’t want to miss out on a potential resident because you answered them a few days too late. There are multiple important channels to keep in mind from social accounts, to your GMB listing, to your website – don’t fail to neglect any of these outlets that potential residents may turn to.


Turn to Technology for Assistance

Online reputation management can go even farther; as technology increases, property managers can incorporate digital tools and software to help address and monitor online reviews for the communities that they manage. It’s a competitive business, so staying ahead of your competition with new and helpful technology will be one of the ways to keep yourself in the running. Keep an eye on online technology that pops up in 2020. Having more sets of “eyes” in more places on the internet will help you understand where you fall in the race with your competitors.

Now more than ever how your business is perceived online is going to have a major impact – especially in the property management industry. Keep your online reputation high by keeping track of your reviews and the language that’s used to talk about your business online. Reviews can make or break your reputation, so be sure to stay in contact with your residents and help them with housing troubles so that they don’t feel inclined to leave a negative review, and when they let you know they’re happy with where they live, encourage them to leave a positive review online – taking all of these steps can help support a great online reputation you should be striving for!