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There was a time when the only job seeking tool a property management candidate needed to land an interview was a professional resume. Times are changing and the go-to resume, although still crucial, is just one of many resources candidates need to attract the attention of hiring managers. Currently, one of the most important resources is having a LinkedIn profile.

If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn profiles, they are dedicated pages on (a popular online network for business professionals) that gives users an overview of an individual’s career, experience, skills and accomplishments. These profiles work in tandem with professional resumes to give hiring managers a more in-depth look at an individual’s professional experience which helps them determine if the applicant qualifies for an interview. 

While many candidates understand the importance of having a LinkedIn profile, they are not treating their profiles with the care and attention that they deserve. In fact, some candidates treat their LinkedIn profile as if it was similar to their personal social media page. This practice can have a negative impact on their job search since it does not convey professionalism. 

Below, we’ll show you a few simple steps you can take to make your LinkedIn profile look more professional. By making these small changes, you’ll be able to better attract hiring managers and compel them to consider you for their list of potential candidates. 

Simple Ways to Stand Out and Express Professionalism 

LinkedIn refers to a profile as “professional landing page for you to manage your own, personal brand.” That being the case, you want your profile to express your professionalism from the second a hiring manager sets their eyes on it. 

Here are a few simple steps you can take to create a strong first impression:

  • Use a professional-looking profile photo. You don’t have to hire a professional photographer, but you should dress professionally in business attire and stand in front of a solid, clutter-free background. This will display your professionalism better than a photo of you on vacation or no profile image at all. 
  • Choose an appropriate cover/banner image. Most candidates leave this section blank, however it provides another opportunity to help your profile stand out. This image can have a bit more personality than your profile photo, yet it should still be professional. It should also relate to your professional experience. If you’re a property manager, you can select a picture of an office setting or a multifamily property. You can find free stock photo images at Unsplash and Pixabay. Or you can create your own banner image using templates on a free, user-friendly graphic design platform like Canva
  • Write a professional summary. When a hiring manager views your profile for the first time, you immediately want them to know who you are and what you can do. This can be accomplished with a well-written summary of your qualifications. You don’t have to give them a full work history, but you want to provide a brief and insightful overview of your career. Helpful hint: Use keywords that relate to your experience and skills (along with the responsibilities and qualifications listed on the job description) to help retain the hiring manager’s attention when they read your summary. 
  • Create a custom URL for your profile. When you create a new profile, LinkedIn attaches a default URL to your page. This URL is typically just a series of random numbers. Rather than stick with the generic URL, LinkedIn gives you the option to customize it. Adding your name (and if character limits allow) and profession to your URL helps your profile stand out. And it’s easier to find (and remember) than a series of random numbers. 

These are just a few of the simple changes you can make to your LinkedIn profile that gives it a cleaner look and feel that appeals to hiring managers. 

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