If you have recently searched for new talent for your organization, you may have noticed a dynamic shift in the way candidates search for potential employers. Currently, many candidates are no longer motivated solely by the allure of a significant salary and benefits package. They are interested in opportunities with companies that offer a welcoming and inclusive environment that values its staff and invests in their professional growth and development. 

They want to find a company that offers more than a job. Candidates want to find a place that offers them a rewarding career. 

This goal not only applies to job searchers – it also appeals to many current professionals. In the past two years, many companies have been impacted by the loss of long standing team members who have left to pursue new opportunities with organizations that are more aligned with their needs and wants. 

So how can a company shift its focus to appeal to prospective candidates, retain current employees, and develop the next generation of business leaders? 

They have to become “sticky”. 

In the following article, we’ll explain what makes a company “sticky” and how MSB Resources can make your company more memorable, welcoming, and irresistible to prospective and current team members! 

What is a “Sticky” Company? 

A “sticky”company is any organization that offers a welcoming environment with approachable leadership that recognizes the long-term value of hiring great people who fit into their company’s culture. 

“Sticky” companies understand that their most valuable asset is their team members. These companies treat their staff with the same care and consideration as they do their customers and assets. Leaders of “sticky” companies know that having the right team in place not only improves everything from NOI to ROI, it also offers everyone in the organization greater opportunities to achieve their goals. When this happens, the company enjoys continued growth and success. 

Is Your Company “Sticky”? 

Based on the criteria above, you may not know if your company is “sticky”. Or maybe you’re not sure if it’s “sticky” enough. 

To help you determine if your company is as welcoming and irresistible to prospective candidates and existing staff, ask yourself the following questions:  

  • Do you know what your staff thinks of your company?
  • Have you lost an employee that you tried to save but couldn’t?
  • Do you find it difficult to attract and hire qualified candidates for important roles in your company?
  • Do you have the resources to develop/coach leaders?
  • Have you clearly defined your culture and/or values for prospects and your team?

If these questions have identified areas where your company is deficient, then it’s time to assess your existing policies and strategies and make the necessary changes to make your company more attractive to quality candidates and your current team members. 

MSB Resources can help you with this process. 

Introducing MSB Workplace Solutions

To help companies reach their full potential as an ideal workplace, MSB Resources has created a new division of our organization: MSB Workplace Solutions.

Through our new MSB Workplace Solutions division, companies can benefit from access to our first-rate and affordable Human Resources Consulting, Leadership Development, and Coaching services. 

With these services, our goal is to help companies enjoy high employee retention/low turnover rates, lay the foundation for continued growth, and enhance their most valuable asset — people.

If you would like to learn more about our new MSB Workplace Solutions division and its services, contact us today!