Americans these days are far more aware of how they’re spending their time and energy than ever before. Many people are beginning to see jobs as more than just a place to collect a paycheck. Employees spend much of their waking time at work or thinking about work, which shifts their focus inward toward the goals and objectives of their company. People want to work for a company they can stand by; a workplace with good morals and progressive ideas draws more interest in today’s job market.

Green initiatives are a great way to draw interest in your property. The sustainability initiative is on the rise with many companies, and it can be the perfect way to pull the interest of more driven employees. So, what effect do green initiatives have on applicant engagement and interest? According to a study done by an environmental economist at UCLA, employees are more likely to be engaged when working for eco-friendly organizations. A whopping 96% of millennials are concerned about the environment and expect their employers to take steps towards becoming sustainable.

Companies that are environmentally and socially responsible are a huge draw to employees that are looking for more than just a job to pay the bills. These employees are looking to make a difference in the grand scheme of things and expect their work to support that. When you establish green initiatives, applicants and job candidates will feel motivated and inspired to work at your property. Employees with a stronger work ethic will start showing up at job interviews as they’ll feel that working with you will make a difference. Communicate the need for social and environmental change to applicants, and you will find the most driven candidates.

The most environmentally conscious initiatives at multifamily properties include water-efficient toilets, low flow faucets, and energy-efficient lighting. These are some of the most simple options, but you may also want to consider offering compost for your residents, community recycling, car charging stations, green roofs, or even solar panels. Employees and residents alike will see the work your property puts into creating a sustainable place to work and live, creating a better culture for all.

Green initiatives are a great way to draw in applicants that are interested in working for your company instead of working for the weekend. While green initiatives are wonderful for the environment, you can also make them work for you. It’s important to meet the people you want where they’re at, and environmental initiatives are a great way of showing potential candidates that you care about the things that matter to them as well. When people feel a sense of environmental responsibility at their work, they’re more likely to take their work seriously– helping you find the best employees for your property.