Not all job postings are created equal. Crafting an engaging and clear job posting can make the difference between getting a ton of qualified candidates and slogging through piles of who don’t even meet the minimum requirements. What you say and present in your job posting can lure the right candidates in and make for a more successful recruiting outcome. If you want to attract the most qualified candidates for your open position, there are a few things you should avoid in any job posting.

1. Don’t be vague. Any good job posting is clear and concise. To attract top talent, you want to explain exactly what the open position entails, compensation ranges, and the type of employee that will appropriately fill the role. Being vague will not only leave you open for a slew of resumes that don’t match your needs, but it can also turn qualified candidates away. The talent you’re looking for doesn’t apply to positions that are unclear or don’t include compensation information and benefits offered.

2. Don’t forget to include keywords and titles. In today’s technological world, job postings are almost exclusively viewed online. That means that when you’re writing a job posting you should include information that will help search engines display your listing. Including appropriate titles and keywords in your post will allow it to appear in search results, so those who may be the best fit can find your post. As an example, “Unmatched Sales Star” might sound like a great, eye-catching title but it won’t do much for you when it comes to search. You can have fun in the description of the position itself to promote the culture of your company but stay focused when it comes to the title of the post. In addition, add relevant keywords to your post to help search engines decipher and rank your post.

3. Don’t forget to sell your company. Beyond clearly and accurately describing the open position, you’ll want to make sure to sell your company. Attracting top talent in a challenging employment market comes down to matching company culture with the right candidate. Ask yourself simple questions like, “What do employees love about our company?” and “Why will the perfect candidate love working here?” to drill down how you’ll sell your company in your job posting.

Creating an engaging job post can be challenging. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. At MSB Resources, we have years of experience in recruiting and matching top candidates with their perfect position. Let us help you find your next superstar!