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You may finally be trying to reenter the workforce after having had closure on an outstanding furlough or layoff situation due to COVID-19. Navigating a job search after years of employment may be challenging. If you haven’t had to look for work in quite some time you may feel overwhelmed at how you’ll land a new role. Finding a new job doesn’t have to feel scary. It can be viewed as a wonderful opportunity to start anew and finally pursue your passions or simply pivot into a new career full of excitement and new beginnings. Here are some tips to help you in your new job search.


Learn New skills

Now is the perfect time to learn new skills and acquire new certifications. You can strengthen your resume by taking online classes in your field or a field you wish to get a job in to enhance your skill set and make you more attractive to potential employers. Many outlets are offering free or low-cost classes and certifications during the pandemic, so you can easily, and cost-effectively, broaden your skillset.


Update Your Resume

The first step in any job search is to update your resume. Maybe you haven’t been great about keeping it up to date during your career, now’s the time to make it look its best! In addition to adding any recent job history and accomplishments, if you’ve earned new certifications or skills – highlight those.


Use a Placement Company

Using a placement company, like MSB Resources, can be very helpful when navigating a job search in this economy. Not only do we help you find the right position with the type of employer you’re interested in working for, but we can provide useful tips on your job search along the way. We’re a national recruiting agency, so if you’re interested in making move, we can help wherever your sights are set.


Evaluate Where You Want to Be

Do you really want to go back into the industry you were in before the pandemic? Or is it time to transition? Before you start a job search, evaluate where you really want to be. If you can, make now the time that you move into a career that you’ve always wanted. There’s no better time than the present to make a change and follow your passions.

If you need help with your job search, contact us! We recruit nationally and our number one goal is confidentiality.