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Whenever one of your employees quits, you can be left wondering what it was that caused their decision. This is especially true when one of your managers, specialists, or professionals quits. By figuring out what causes people to quit the most, you can help yourself and your employees by mitigating the causes of quitting. Here are six reasons why your leasing professional may have decided to seek work elsewhere.

Loss of Appreciation

For many workers, more money isn’t always the way to get them to stay. Employees, especially professionals and managers, want to feel appreciated and acknowledged. If your leasing professional is keeping occupancy numbers up, improving resident satisfaction, and helping keep your property in working order, show them that you notice their hard work.

Inflexible Schedules

Is your leasing professional working all days of the week, with very few weekends off? This can become a huge drag or even a catalyst for stress in an employee’s life. By hiring another office manager or an assistant, your leasing professional can enjoy some more time to themselves to socialize, relax, and take care of matters in their personal lives. They’ll come back to work after a day or two off ready to take on their challenges again.


Jumping off the last point, if a leasing professional is taking on too many hours, they can feel burnt out. Should they need a sick day, who will be there to fill in for them? This can be another reason for stress in a leasing job, as your employee may feel like they have no choice but to come in on days when they shouldn’t have to.

Lack of Advancement

Perhaps your leasing professional felt there was no way to move up in your company. If someone feels they are stagnating or losing interest in a job they’ve held for several years, they may realize they want to move onto bigger and better things. What can you offer to your employees to help them grow in your company?

Heavy Workload

Leasing is the most important job at any property. Signing new residents and keeping numbers high are the main reasons any leasing company is still in business. However, many leasing professionals feel that they are the lowest man on the totem pole. They’re often subjected to residents with complaints, they’re required to learn a lot of information about the property, and they have to know the answers to common questions off the top of their head.

Poor Management

In-house or even corporate management can be a damper on a job, depending on how the property is run. If your leasing professional feels that they’re being restricted in any way by a job where they work very hard, they may begin searching for work at other companies.

No Engagement With Company

Many times, leasing professionals have the answers to the biggest questions that property owners ask. By being the professional that interacts with your clients the most, they most likely know how to decrease turnover, increase occupancy, and many other issues your property may face. However, they are almost never consulted by their higher-ups, and they may feel frustrated that their solutions cannot be implemented.

Once you’ve addressed the problems that could be causing leasing professionals to quit their jobs, you can meet your employees where they’re at. Use the resources you have available to you; talk with your employees directly to see where they feel like they’re being held back in their jobs. Communication can go a long way in keeping employees happy.