MSB Resources is a great resource for saving you time and money that you can put towards other important things. There are lots of great reasons to appreciate having a multifamily recruiting agency on your side, but we’ve cultivated just a few.

Find new candidates quickly

MSB finds qualified candidates for your positions quickly, due to the fact that we have a network of candidates with whom we’ve built relationships within the past. This is wonderful news for property management companies, as it means your recruiter will already have contacts that are industry experts.

Fill jobs, not interviews

Your recruiter is looking for employees for you, not interviews. There may be fewer candidates for your positions, but the ones you get will be qualified. Your recruiter will know the skill sets required for your multifamily jobs and will be able to make connections on who will fit your company and who won’t. You can inform your recruiter about soft skills you’re looking for as well so that they can help you can find the perfect fit. MSB focuses on quality candidates, every time!

Grow your brand

The right agency can help give prospective employees insight on your company– what it’s like to work for you, benefits, and growth options are all things that your recruitment agency can help you relay to their applicants. Your recruiter will work with you to truly understand the culture of the company to be able to represent you better as a result. Should a potential candidate research your company on social media or the internet, your recruiter will be able to answer any questions that arise regarding what the candidate saw.

Better for your resources

Time is vitally important for all companies, so hiring in-house is not always the best way of doing things; outsourcing your recruitment allows you to find the most qualified talent without spending time screening dozens of applications yourself. If you’ve been experiencing high turnover, think about how much can be attributed to rushing the hiring process or settling for someone in order to fill a position? These variables go away when you use a recruitment agency, saving you time and money in the long run.

Extend your reach

In the same way that your recruiter will sell new candidates to you, they’ll also promote your company to cast a wider net. They’ll be able to find candidates that won’t be reached by any newspaper ad or internet application. MSB Resources has many networks at our fingertips, finding you the people who may not currently be searching for your job or who don’t see themselves as part of your talent pool.

Think of MSB as an extension of your HR team. We have the same goal as you – finding great candidates for your positions as well as advertising your company to potential applicants. We work diligently in filling whatever spot you have vacant, accurately and quickly without the need for you to invest time in screening applications or setting up and attending interviews. Outsourcing your hiring efforts can save you time and money, as well as find you a more qualified candidate than you might not have found on your own! If you’re looking for help with multifamily recruiting, contact us today!