Understanding Your Industry

Talent Acquisition

Welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay. We created this page especially for you, so we will make it simple so that you can get back to your busy day. We will introduce you to successful, gainfully employed people who are confidentially and exclusively working with us. Many of these professionals are waiting for us to present them with the right opportunity. We will find you the next great addition to your team. It’s what we do.


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Our Guarantee

MSB Resources takes extreme care to ensure that our clients hire the best candidates possible.

As a commitment to the long-term success of our clients, MSB Resources offers an exclusive 6-month guarantee.

Please ask one of our recruitment specialists for details of our guarantee terms.

Our Process

MSB Resources approaches each assignment with a search process derived from years of experience in recruiting talent for the property management, construction, real estate and development industries.

Step 1: Define Goals and Specifications

  • Consult with client on company culture, state of business and corporate vision
  • Define the job specifications, such as title, scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting structure and profile of the ideal candidate

Step 2: Identify and Evaluate Candidates

  • Compile list of target sources for candidates
  • Identify candidates using our extensive database, network of contacts and industry research
  • Screen and evaluate candidates and prepare profiles for client review

Step 3: Interviews

  • Interview prospects to determine whether their backgrounds fit with client needs
  • Prepare briefs for clients that highlight personal traits, work history, and observations made by interviewer
  • Create final candidate list and arrange for client to interview candidates

Step 4: Candidate Selection

  • Conduct in-depth supervisory reference checks
  • Conduct finalist interviews and select candidate
  • Contact all sources and notify unsuccessful candidates
  • Ensure smooth transition for selected candidate and client satisfaction with the search

Step 5: Success

  • Conduct candidate post-hire survey
  • Maintain relationship with client to follow hire’s progress
  • Maintain relationship with employee to ensure smooth transition and evaluate progress


MSB Resources understands how vital every position is within your company. From site management to corporate executive positions, you entrust each employee with your multi-million dollar asset. We provide all job levels with the strictest consideration to ensure the best talent placement for you.

Some of our placements include…

Corporate Executive Level

President, Vice President, Regional Property Managers, Regional Maintenance Supervisor, Regional Facilities Manager, Marketing Director, Corporate Executive, Asset Manager, Portfolio Manager.

Construction and Development

Development Executive, Construction Executive, Project Manager, Estimator

Site Management

Property Manager, Assistant Property Manager, Leasing Manager, Marketing Director, Bookkeeper, Maintenance Supervisor, Facilities Manager, Building Engineer

Accounting and Financial (with industry-related experience)

Accountant, Property Accountant, Bookkeeper, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Controller

Support Personnel

Marketing Manager, Administrative Assistant, Lease Administrator